Welcome to Chocolate Mamas

Chocolate Mamas Gourmet Tanzanian Chocolate Company is Tanzania’s first and only indigenous producer of fine chocolate.  All of our premium cacao beans are sourced directly from local farmers cooperatives.  From bean to bar, Chocolate Mamas ensures home-grown, organic chocolate of the highest quality.


Environmental Friendly - Chocolate Mamas Packaging is all organic!! It is sustainable paper made out of maize husks. The packaging paper is beautifully designed and crafted by a local NGO of persons with disabilities in Tanzania.


Fair Trade - Chocolate Mamas pays approximately  twenty percent more than the market value for the cacao beans.  This ensures access to the best beans, as well as a positive working relationship with cacao farmers in Tanzania. 
Supports Local - Not only does Chocolate Mamas store, roast and winnow the beans on site to produce a perfectly roasted bean for chocolate production, all the ingredients used thereof such as sugar and cocoa butter are either produced in-house or sourced locally. Chocolate Mamas buys its sugar from Kilombero Sugar in Morogoro. Yes, Chocolate Mamas is 100% Tanzanian!!!
Heath FreaksAll of our chocolate is made from 100% pure cacao with no mixed vegetable oils, emulsifiers, preservatives or other adulterants of any kind......not even Lecithin!!  All of our Chocolate is also glutten free